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Mayor Shares Urban Regeneration Vision for Taipei Railway Station Proximity

 Mayor and delegates at the contract-signing ceremony for the E1/E2 development projectOn September 26, Mayor Ko Wen-je attended the contract-signing ceremony for the “Taipei Railway Station Designated Area E1/E2 Street Corridor Government-sponsored Urban Renewal Project.” 


During his address, the mayor pointed out that the project has always been a component of the West District Gateway Project. Since the start of his administration on December 25, 2014, much progress has been accomplished under the project. Starting with the removal of the bus land along Zhongxiao West Road, the city government continued with tearing down of Zhongxiao Bridge Ramp; relocating Ku-Kuang Transportation; moving and overhauling the Mitsui Warehouse, and demolishing both the former Railway Employee Dormitory and Railway Police Station. 


The next phase of the project is reconstruction. The first on the list involves the rebuilding of the former Taipei City Council, which is halfway completed as of today. It will serve as the home of the future City Museum of Taipei. Work on the C1 and D1 plots will commence next year. Today’s signing ceremony is also an important step for the development of both E1 and E2 plots.


He added that there are still two items on the to-do-list for the West District Gateway Project: Post Office BOT and the overhaul of Xining Public Housing and Loyang Parking Lot. The Taipei Twin Tower will not be completed for another 5 years, and the completion date for the E1/E2 project is even further in the future. The authority of the post office project lies with the central government, so the last pieces of the West District Gateway Project will not be in place for another 8 years. 


Regarding the E1 and E2 plots, Ko stressed that the site of the former Railway Employee Dormitory requires further examination for fear of accidentally damaging possible historical relics. This is the reason why it took so much time before construction can proceed. The future edifices on the plots will include two office buildings and one residential tower. The more difficult challenge would be how to connect these buildings to the railway station via an underground passage.


The mayor concluded his speech by thanking Kindom Construction and Blue Sky Construction for forming a new company. This project is also the first project for the Taipei Urban Regeneration Center since its founding in May earlier this year. He added that it takes time to contemplate matters, and city development is no exception.