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APO Staff Rescues Pet Dog from Ravine

Rescue squad prepares for the descent On April 5, the staff workers of the Animal Protection Office received a report of a pet dog who disappeared over cliffside at an industrial road in Shilin District.

According to the owner, the dog fell off down a 20-meter cliff as it dashed along the road when playing. The owner called the 1999 Citizen Hotline immediately to seek help.

Fortunately, the staff of the agency receive regular training in the area of rope descent rescue operation. That is why APO was able to complete the task within a relatively short time after arriving at the scene.

According to Captain Wu of the rescue squad, by the time they arrived at the scene the area is already covered in darkness. The members have to rely on the headlight of their vehicles to conduct the rescue. After setting up the ropes, Captain Wu personally descended into the ravine and locating the wet and shivering dog at the bottom.

With members working together, the dog was carefully placed into a cage and made the trip up the slope after 3 hours.

The APO reminds citizens that protective measures (strap, pet stroller, transport cage, etc.) should be in place when they take their pets to public places for a walk.

For more information, please call the APO (TEL: 02-8731-3064) or the 1999 Citizen Hotline.