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TPEDOIT: New Book Offers Unique Guide to Street Corners of Taipei

Many tourists come to Taipei to visit well-known places such as Taipei 101 and CKS Memorial Hall. However, not many visitors know about the less famous “attractions” hidden at corners of this big city.
To introduce new visitors to the unique experience at street corners of Taipei, the Department of Information and Tourism (TPEDOIT) released Taipei Corners as a guide to some of these interesting spots.
In this book, readers will find articles on special shops, great cuisine, traditional crafts, and peculiar buildings tucked away inside the road and alleys of Taipei. Through easy-to-read essays and hand drawn illustrations, these hidden attractions take on a new life within the covers of Taipei Corners.
The introductory publication is divided into chapters such as “Handicraft at the Corner”, “Leisure at the Corner,” “Green at the Corner”, and “Yesteryears at the Corner.” From DIY handicraft booths to personal hiking trails, readers will have a chance to learn more about a Taipei known only to a relatively few.
From today until November 22, Taipei Corners is available at 25-percent off cover price at books.com.tw. Wunan Cultural Plaza and books.com.tw will also hold a book fair for government publication between November 23 and December 22. During this period, in addition to other discounts, readers making single purchases of NT$399 or more will receive a free postcard set on a first-come, first-served basis.
For more information on book availability and related promotional events, please visit the Chinese website of TPEDOIT: http://www.tpedoit.taipei.gov.tw