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Seven Designated Graffiti Sites at Riverside Parks Reopen to the Public

Graffiti wall at a local riverside parkThe Hydraulic Engineering Office (HEO) announced that 7 designated graffiti sites at Taipei’s riverside parks have been revamped and cleaned. They have been reopened to the public, allowing inspiring graffiti artists to exercise their talents without fear of fines.
To ensure that the appearance of riverside levees continues to show off a variety of artistic expressions from time to time, the HEO repaints the surface of the 7 graffiti sites once every 4 months – April, August, and December. In other words, artists can expect their works to remain on the wall surface in between each “cleanup” period for public viewing, while others will have their chance after each “reset”.
However, the agency also warns that obscene expressions (whether words or illustrations) and political languages in artworks will be removed immediately.
The sites at riverside parks with designated graffiti walls are listed in the table below. The agency welcomes the public to utilize these surfaces for artistic works. HEO also pointed out that the graffiti site under Zhongshan Bridge at Bailing Right Bank Riverside Park will remain closed due to its close vicinity to the Zhongshan Bridget Historical Structure.
HEO reminds the public that graffitiing outside of designated area is illegal and violators will be prosecuted in accordance with Paragraph 2 under Article 27 of the Waste Disposal Act which punishes the “polluting of the grounds, pools of water, drainage gutters, walls, beams or pillars, utility poles, trees, roadways, bridges or other fixed structures.” Based on Article 50 of the regulation, fines range from NT$1,200 to NT$6,000.

List of Designated Levee Walls for Graffiti Art at Taipei’s Riverside Parks
District Riverside Park Location
Songshan Yingfeng Enter via Keelung River No. 7 Evacuation Gate and head upstream for about 500 meters
Songshan Guanshan Enter via Keelung River No. 5 Evacuation Gate and head downstream for about 20 meters
Zhongshan Meiti Cross over to the levee from Mingshui Road and
proceed to the right side
Wenshan Fuhe Enter via Jingmei No.2 Evacuation Gate
Wenshan Jingmei Culvert Wall under Beixin Bridge
Neihu Chengmei
Right Bank
Enter via Ji No. 13 Evacuation Gate and head towards
the direction of Chenggong Bridge
Nangang Chengmei
Left Bank
Enter via Ji No. 3 Evacuation Gate and head towards
the direction of Chenggong Bridge