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CNY Street Bazaar Now Open – City Mobilizes Police to Reinforce Traffic Management

Crowds at the CNY Street Bazaar As the Chinese New Year approaches, festive vibes are also in the air in Taipei City. The 2020 Taipei Chinese New Year Street Bazaar will be held from today through February 9 across 5 major shopping districts of Taipei City (Dihua Street Shopping District, Huayin Street Shopping District, Taipei Station Wholesale Market, Taipei City Mall Shopping District, and Ningxia Road Night Market). In particular, Dihua St. Shopping District will be open from January 10 to 23, during which traffic control will be enforced on Section 1 of Dihua Street (Guisui Street to Nanjing West Road), and vehicles will not be permitted to enter Dihua Street One-way traffic control will be implemented on Minle Street at various hours depending on traffic.

Taipei City Police Department perceives great importance in various traffic control measures prior to the Chinese New Year. In response to the Dihua Street – CNY Street Bazaar’s impact on traffic, traffic alleviation and control measures have been implemented in advance by establishing 26 traffic control posts (mobilizing 20 police officers and 19 volunteer traffic controllers) along with 5 traffic condition monitoring teams and one illegal parking towing team, concentrating on tasks such as clamping down on illegal parking, towing, and traffic condition reporting for important roads surrounding Dihua Street Shopping District (such as Minsheng West Road, Yanping North Road, Huanhe North Road, Guisui Street, Civic Boulevard, Chongqing North Road, Zhongxiao West Road, etc.).

Police officers and volunteer traffic controllers are also asked to ensure that the intersections remain clear of traffic. Also, Datong Police Precinct has established a mobile police station at the intersection of Dihua Street and Nanjing West Road. in order to process violation reports and dispatch police officers to manage traffic, thereby improving the smoothness of traffic and service quality during the event.

Due to limited roadside parking spaces around the CNY Street Bazaar, the Police Department urges citizens to make use of public transport to reach the venue. Those driving are advised to steer clear of traffic hot spots and rush hours during the Chinese New Year and to take necessary detours.

In addition, they should maintain a good habit of “staying clear of intersections” and “no illegal parking” in order for everyone to enjoy a safe, smooth, and high-quality driving environment during the Chinese New Year.