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Dine Sustainably to Help Bio Diversity

Dine Sustainably to Help Bio DiversityOn May 19, Taipei City Government will join Chi Sing Eco-Conservation Foundation in holding an event highlighting bio conservation at Xinyi Plaza No. 21.
Coinciding with the International Day for Biological Diversity which falls on May 22, the theme of the event is “diet and bio diversity” and will feature stands operated by small-scale farms, organic tea growers, and representatives from many other fields.
Visitors will have a chance to explore the lives and habitats of different species and discover the impacts of one’s food choices upon both human’s life and the environment. For example, by choosing to eat non-toxic, pesticide-free foods, humans can help retain bio diversity in food supply network, thereby strengthening the sustainability of our environment. 
At the press conference on May 16, the Butterfly Conservation Society presented delicacies prepared with indigenous cinnamon and aromatic litsea (known as maqaw by Atayal aborigines). Both are food sources for butterflies. Indonesian and Vietnamese immigrants introduced Southeastern Asian dishes flavored with familiar ingredients such as pandan leaf and turmeric, adding that such plants also provide food sources and habitat for other species.
City Government invites members of the public to stop by the venue and explore how eating can contribute to sustainability.