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City Invites Citizens to Attend Energy Policy Workshop November 27

Energy Policy Workshop activity posterAs an international city, Taipei seeks to promote energy transition and carbon reduction policies emphasizing tolerance, sustainability, and affordability. After exploring successful cases from across the world, the Department of Economic Development (DOED) has decided to organize the Taipei City Energy Policy Workshop at the Technology Services Building starting at 1:30 PM on November 27.
The workshop will cover topics centering on the 4 major aspects and strategies outlined in Taipei Energy Policy White Papers – “Ensure the development of diversified energy”; “develop circular economy”; “pursue active energy-saving and carbon emission-reducing efforts”, and “adapt to climate changes.”
The Taipei City Energy Policy Workshop comprises a total of 6 sessions. The first session Development of Diversified Energy: Public Power Plant was held on October 31, attracting 40 participants. Discussions ranged from government taking the lead in setting up plants to potential increase of community income from such power plants being built in the neighborhood. The invaluable opinions help to guide the government in the right direction as references for future policies.
The upcoming event on November 27 will be the second session of the series, where citizens are invited to discuss, brainstorm, design, and formulate potential policies. The participants will have a chance to see through their own eyes and utilize their own hands to contribute to affecting the future of Taipei’s energy policies.
To register for the workshop, please visit the Chinese registration website (https://www.digitimes.com.tw/seminar/TCH_20201031/) or sign up on site. For those who cannot attend in person, a live streaming of the event will be available here: (https://www.facebook.com/pg/energytaipei/posts/).