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2021 Yangmingshan Flower Festival Kicks-off on February 5

Yangmingshan Flower FestivalThe 2021 Yangmingshan Flower Festival will take place between February 5 and March 21.
Due to COVID-19, major events of the flower festival such as the opening ceremony, flea market, and holiday and weekend performances have all been cancelled. Instead, Bravo will take viewers on a virtual trip to tour the blooming cherry blossom on the opening day in the form of livestreaming. There will also be a raffle event for the public as well.
Taipei’s flower festival is well-known on the global scene, as seen from Yangmingshan National Park being certified as the world’s first Urban Quiet Park by the website Quiet Parks International. The “backyard of Taipei” boasts a large array of cherry blossoms which come to full bloom all the way through mid-spring. Starting with Taiwan cherry and Yaezakura during the CNY holiday, the wave continues with blooming Showa cherry during the 228 long weekend, and concluding with the blossoming of Yoshino cherry in March.
The Parks and Street Lights Office (PSLO) will also provide statistics such as the status of cherry blossom blooms and crowd size via its Facebook fan page (https://m.facebook.com/taipeiflowers?locale=zh_TW&__nodl&refsrc=https%3A%2F%2Fm.facebook.com%2Ffbrdr%2F274%2F497157120325397%2F&_rdr). The crowd size will be announced twice a day on the web page using red-yellow-green lights. If there’s a large turnout at the park, online viewers will see a reminder on the website not to visit Yangming Park at the specific time period.
Furthermore, the agency has also implemented a number of pandemic prevention measures at the venue, such as increasing the number of patrolling staff members to remind visitors to wear their face masks, as well as setting up 12 notice boards and 2 megaphones with repeat playback to remind visitors to follow social distancing and face mask guidelines.
The organizers remind the public that even when outdoors, visitors should keep a social distance of at least 1 meter and wear their face mask. In the event of crowds, they are advised to come back again when there are less people. Those who feel unwell should avoid public transportation and stay home. People under quarantine or self-isolation should take advantage of the real-time live camera to enjoy the blooms online.
Public Transportation Info
Buses: Flower Season Shuttles (routes 124, 130, and 131), as well as buses 108, 108 Limited, 109, 111, 1717, and 681.
MRT: Disembark at MRT Shipai Station and transfer to bus 128 (weekends and holidays only) or S8. Alternatively, transfer at MRT Beitou Station to either bus 129 (weekends and holidays only) or S9.