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2009 Taipei International Bird Watching Fair

The 2009 11th Taipei International Bird Watching Fair will take place at the Guandu Nature Park on November 7 and 8. The event is organized by the Taipei City Government and the Wild Bird Society of Taipei.
For this year's event, the organizers have assembled a list of great bird watching locations in Taipei for enthusiasts. These include the Guandu Nature Park; the Zhishan Cultural and Ecological Garden; the Hongshulin Exhibition Hall; and the Taipei County Sustainable Development Education Center.
To encourage the public to visit these locations and come to the bird watching fair in November, the organizers are giving away copies of the "2009 Bird Watching Passport". The free booklets, available in limited supply, can be picked up at the aforementioned bird watching venues, local MRT stations, and the office of the Wild Bird Society of Taipei.
Participants can collect stamps for their passport by visiting the aforementioned bird watching venues during the activity period (the fair ends on November 8). Individuals collecting three different stamps – along with a special bird fair stamp issued to those completing a challenge on the day of the Bird Watching Fair – will be eligible to enter a raffle, which offers prizes ranging from backpacks to T-shirts.