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Zoo to Hold Birthday Celebrations for Baby Bear

The Taipei Zoo is planning a birthday party for the baby Formosan black bear on December 27. This is the first birthday celebration for "Black Sugar", the newest member of the zoo's black bear community.
To make the party memorable, the zoo is inviting individuals born on December 30 (the cub's birthday) to come and celebrate with the baby bear. The birthday boys and girls will receive Formosan black bear stamps and movie tickets for their birthday presents.
Zoo Director Jason Yeh remarked that Taipei Zoo is involved in ongoing research and preservation of Formosan Black bears. One of the milestone accomplishments was the birth of "Black Sugar" in 2008. The cub symbolizes the fruition of correlated efforts between municipal governments and the private sector.
The zoo is looking for 20 individuals who was either born on December 30, 2008 (the same day as the baby bear) or has his or her birthday on December 30. Registrations will be accepted on a first-come-first-serve basis. The deadline for registration is December 18.
How to register:
- Email: write to tgz10@zoo.gov.tw and include "Registering for the baby bear's birthday party on December 27" in the subject line.
- Phone: contact Ms. Lin (2938-2300, ext. 519), Ms. Lin (ext. 502), or Ms. Yang (ext. 507).