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Nice photo taking experiences for the 2/28 Holiday. The painted walls of the riverside embankments in Taipei are stunning.

There will be 4 days in the 2/28 Holiday this year. You still haven’t decided where to visit? The River Engineering Section has prepared the information on the painted embankments and riverside resorts for you. Why not keep the information and plan a mini tour with “riverside stories” during the 2/28 Holiday? 

First, the Pumping Robot is painted on the embankment of Dakengyou Pumping Station in Nangang. As the embankment is located at Zhongyan Village, the location of Acaemdia Sinica, the designer Wu Chieh-Min regarded research and development as the theme of the drawing, painting the pumping station as a robot. This painting is really appealing. The robot on the painting is pumping water repeatedly every day. Then, it continues to calculate, analyze and study the water as if it is a researcher in Academia Sinica, working hard throughout the day. 

At the “Taipei Newly Painted Embankment,” there are many drawings, such as the Looking for the Cat by an illustrator Numoi, aka Chen Yu-Feng. It is an interesting painting indeed. The figures on the painting are arrange from left to right, telling the story of the emotional changes in a young girl during the process of finding the cat. From the states of worry and distress, she finds her cat on a rainy day. Then, she gradually eases her tense emotions. The arrangement of the picture transforms it from a mere painting into an interactive plane, inviting people to join in and find the cat. 

In addition, there are new paintings in the Lohas Park in Donghu, aka “Secret Cherry Blossom Realm in Taipei.” The Time in Neigou by Zhang Han-Ning, a designer, who appeals to people with the theme of time. In the picture, the history and landscape of Neigou tell the people about its ups and downs. Day in and day out, it constitutes the everyday life, allowing visitors to feel the natural and soft tone of Neihu’s landscapes in different phases of its history. Visiting the park, it guides people to travel back in time to the good old times of Neigou. 

Nature Playground is a lovely painting created by Lai Meng-Chia, a renowned illustrator, on the embankment. Painted on the embankment of Waishuangxi, Shilin, the picture Nature Playing is a story about fun in nature, consisting of the drawings of mountains, water, fishes and shrimps. In addition, the drawing of the school children at Wenchang Elementary School are fused into it seamlessly. With harmonious color patches and lines, the illustrator hopes the children to be energetic in class, retaining spaces for imagination. She also hopes for them to feel warm and hopeful and be creative in school, learning happily every day. 

Finally, the work Dashing on the Plain at Chengmei Pumping Station at Tanmei Street in Neihu is painted by Baozi Chen, a young illustrator and Wu Chi, an artist. The picture narrates the Pingpu tribe, Han Chinese, Dutch and Spaniards that had fought against each other, developed, and lived on this plain. Horses are the elements that associate different scenes in the picture, leading viewers into history and travel back in time. In short, the painting projects an imaginative realm at the embankment. 

At the “Taipei Newly Painted Embankment,” there are many exciting stories. Each picture on the embankments’ walls narrates different stories with the unique style of different artists. With their collaboration, huge pictures with local features are presented to the visitors. Why not spend your 2/28 Holiday at the Riverside Park. You’ll discover that the embankment walls in Taipei City are so different.