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Singing competition that can fulfill the dreams of Muslims in Taiwan was served as the prelude of Taipei Eid al-Fitr

What is the dream of Muslims in Taiwan? Taipei’s Department of Tourism held a singing competition as the prelude of the Taipei Eid al-Fitr celebration. The crowd of the competition was enthusiastic, excited and all amazed by the Muslim singers on stage. The top three winners were selected, where Wiwin Winse Windasari took the first place, Sholikin was second place, and Topan Nugraha was third place. They will also be performing live on the stage of Taipei Eid al-Fiter on 6/25.

This special singing competition for the Muslims not only revealed their singing talent, it also let the citizens of Taiwan become more familiar with the beauty of Muslim culture. This year, the host Wu Jun Xing, Indonesian singer Ipung Chandra and Arite were invited as judges. The participants of the competition were highly acclaimed and the judges were looking forward to seeing them shine in the music industry in their bright future. Wiwin Winse Windasari, the winner of the competition, was absolutely prepared. Her dress was designed by her friends to wear at this competition. She sang with emotion and her vocal techniques were considered to be skillful and experienced; therefore she was rated as number one among others.

Department of Information and Tourism commissioner Chien Yu-yen stated that the purpose of the competition was to discover Muslims’ singing potential and to serve as the prelude of Taipei Eid al-Fitr on 6/25. “The registration hit its full capacity in just three days. There were in total of 20 groups of participants to compete for top three. The top three winners would not only get rich prizes, they would also have the opportunity to perform on stage during Taipei Eid al-Fitr.”

Chien Yu-yen said that all the participants were talented, and many were considered semi-professional, which made the competition more like an amateur concert. For example, the honorable mention, Lalu Muhammad Taugan Iskandar from Miaoli, was born in Indonesia and won many singing competitions prior to this competition. Even though Lalu came to Taiwan for work, he did not give up his habit of singing. He even participated in a Taoyuan singing competition and earned the third place. In addition, Evi Febriyani, whose voice was clear and confident, sang a popular Taiwanese song “Chase, Chase, Chase”. His articulation was practically identical to the native speakers. Evi has been in Taiwan for more than five years and constantly singing Taiwanese songs with his employer. Evi Febriyani said: "Because I can not speak Chinese, my employer registered the competition for me and I was very happy to have the opportunity to participate in this competition!" Katiyah also performed a Taiwanese song: Loh Hoo Sian. Her voice was full of emotion and techniques. She said that she wanted to express this song to her family back in Indonesia, which touched the crowd’s emotions even more.

Do not regret if you miss the competition, the winners of this year’s competition were Wiwin Winse Windasari,Sholikin,and Topan Nugraha. We welcome all Muslim friends and the people of Taipei to join the celebration of Taipei Eid al-Fitr and listen to their songs and stories together at Taipei Travel Station on June 25.