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Guanghua Digital Plaza Organizes Raffle in Celebration of the Year of the Ox

Opening ceremony at Guanghua Digital PlazaWith work starting on the fifth day of Chinese New Year, the Guanghua Digital Plaza held its start-of-work ceremony on February 16.
The event kicked-off with performances including dragon dance and lion dance, as well the appearance of the Gods of Wealth bringing prosperity and good omen. Both Commissioner of Economic Development Lin Chung-chieh and Market Administration Office Director Chen Ting-hui attended the opening ceremony.
Due to the impact of COVID-19, business and consumption have seen a decline across major sectors in 2020. The merchants at Guanghua Digital Plaza were also seriously affected.
To boost sales at the beginning of the Year of the Ox, the merchants of the digital plaza have teamed up to organize a special promotion campaign between February 16 and 21. During this period, customers making a single purchase of NT$1,000 or more will receive a raffle ticket. The winner will have a chance to bring home a brand-new laptop computer! The raffle result will be announced on March 1.
For more details on the activities, please visit the Chinese Facebook fan page of the agency: https://www.facebook.com/taipeimarket/