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Taipei City Government 2022 Employee Family Day Event Opening Ceremony

To increase interaction between employees and their families, the Taipei City Government will hold the 2022 Employee Family Day Event Opening Ceremony on August 5, 2022 (Friday) in the lobby on 1/F of the Taipei City Hall. The event will begin at 8:30am. 191 families are expected to attend the event, for a total of 559 employees and family members.

At the event venue, there will be stalls including balloon arts, purikura (Japanese photo booths and photo stickers), and rocking horses for employees and their families to have fun! The event begins with a lovely performance given by children of the Taipei City Hall Non-Profit Kindergarten (commissioned by the Public Service Association in Taipei). Then, the opening address by Mayor Wen-Je Ko will officially unveil the event. Employees and their families participating in the event can take pictures with Taipei City mascot “Bravo” and Mayor Ko. Additionally, to attract more employees and their families to participate in the event, songs, dancing, and games led by Butter Lion + Bouncing Lion have been arranged to interact with children. The whole event will be festive and lively; employees and their children will have a great time!

Children, parents, and the whole family can bond over the Employee Family Day Event, getting a chance to better understand government staff’s working environment, and offer their support to the employees’ hard work. In recent years, the event has attracted over 550 participants, demonstrating approval of this event from TPCG employees.