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Promoting the Home Dog Program

Dogs undergoing training for the Home Dog Program Co-organized by Taipei City Animal Protection Office (APO) and Formosa Animal-Assisted Activity and Therapy Association (FAAATA), phase 2 (dog education) of Home Dog program will soon come to a conclusion.

Through education, a dog will be able to be familiarized with people before it is adopted, thereby decreasing the dog’s discomfort and adjustment period, and in turn accelerating the forming of a bond between the dog and its new family.

According to the APO, after 6 hours of the phase 2 course, 7 dogs have already been adopted. The emphasis of the course lies in positive education and does not involve hitting or scalding. At the same time, other attributes such as mental stimulation, socialization, sniffing, environmental enrichment, and body awareness, among others, were also introduced.

Trained by professional, experienced FAAATA trainers, volunteers are able to guide the dog to learn voluntarily, and facilitating good interactive experiences between the dog and people in a progressive manner. The aim is also to evoke the dog’s curiosity and self-confidence, allowing it to quickly adapt to the environment in a new home. During the phase 2 course, the dog’s temperament, responses to people and other dogs, as well as their learning conditions are all documented in detail for the reference of families intending to adopt a dog in the future, so that they can get acquainted with their new family member.

FAAATA trainer Teng Hui-chin commented: “After the phase 2 course of the Home Dog program, most of the dogs have demonstrated considerable improvement in interacting with people, and their sense of trust towards humans has also increased significantly. They are beginning to grasp the concept of sounds and people’s movements in their new home, therefore I believe that they will form a more intimate, complete bond with their new family after they are adopted.”

The APO elaborated that families intending to adopt dogs from the Home Dog program are welcome to contact FAAATA or visit the Taipei Animal Shelter to interact with the dogs. Information of the dogs from the Home Dog program is available on the large adoption wall at the Taipei Animal Shelter. Each dog has its own personality, talents, and hobbies, and citizens are welcome – and encouraged! – to take them home.