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2022 Taipei Expo Launches the Official Website and Welcomes All to Visit the Six Exhibition Areas online

“2022 Taipei Expo-The Future is Now” (hereinafter referred to as “The Taipei Expo”) will kick off on August 27, 2022 in the Expo Dome of the Taipei Expo Park. The exhibition will be open to the public for 16 days. The official website of the Taipei Expo (https://cityexpo.taipei/en/) made its debut today (August 5, 2022). Everyone is invited to take a peek online at the wonders of the Taipei Expo.
The online Taipei Expo introduces the unique charms of Taipei City in 6 exhibition areas: “Sustainable Development,” “City Regeneration,” “Open Taipei,” “Inclusive Taipei,” “Innovative Entrepreneurship,” and “Smart city,” says the Taipei City Government. Guided by the mechanical arms, visitors will gain an overview of the present and the future of Taipei. They will also swiftly experience the changes of Taipei with the large-scale projection-based immersive display and the multi-layer shadow effect.
The Department of Information and Technology, Taipei City Government pronounced that the online exhibition will be launched at the same time as the grand opening of the Taipei Expo on August 27. It will build a bond between citizens and the city by offering digital interactive experiences, showing real-time data on both offline and online participation, and creating patterns that distinctively illustrate Taipei city. By way of cutting-edge technologies such as NFT and people’s participation, strangers click with each other to create an exclusive picture of Taipei. Visitors will discover the future of Taipei while enjoying the magnificence of technologies.
In addition to the introduction and visiting recommendations for the Taipei Expo, the website offers 8 touring routs to explore Taipei City: “Beitou Historic Sites Cultural Tour,” “Stories behind the Old Buildings of Dadaocheng,” “Shilin Arts Development Exploration,” “Xinyi Songshan Cultural and Creative Experience,” “A Cultural Stroll near NTU,” “A Startup Journey in Nangang,” “Exploration of Bangka (Wanhua),” and “Zhongshan Area Cultural Tour.” From south to north, the tours show you the revived elegance and the wonderful fusion of old and new of Taipei City. 
Taipei City Government also holds a quiz contest with prizes from August 7th to 19th within TaipeiPass App to celebrate the launch of the official website. Visitors of the website can join the contest to see how much they know about Taipei while having a glance of the exhibition. Those answering 100% of questions correctly have the opportunity to win an NT$10,000 gift certificate of a convenience store. 
Taipei is a hidden gem in Asia. 2022 Taipei Expo welcomes you to visit the exhibitions held in the Expo Dome of the Taipei Expo Park on August 27-September 11, 2022. Come and experience the present of Taipei and look into its future of infinite possibilities.