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Head for Indonesia! Taipei City Government Invites the Largest Muslim Population Country for Muslim Package Tours in Taipei.

Recently, Taipei City Government actively expands tourism in ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations). After the visit to Thailand, Philippine, Singapore, and Vietnam for large-scale tourist fairs, Department of Information and Tourism, Ministry of Transportation and Communications visited Jakarta and Surabaya, Indonesia’s two biggest cities, this October to attend the 2017 Indonesia Tourism Promotion Activity. The Activity includes Trade fairs and promotion meetings. Department of Information and Tourism arranged several Taipei city package tours aiming to meet the preferences of Indonesia tourists, attract the Indonesia Chinese rich market, and expand tourism to Indonesia, largest Muslim Population Country in the world. There are four package tours, including old town creative industry, natural beauties, fashion shopping, and Muslim delicacies.
ASEAN member countries have gained steady economic growth in recent years, leading to the increase of income and tourism demand. According to the Indonesia official prediction, number of outbound tourists will increase from 7 million to 10 million within five years, implying a perfect incentive for Taipei city to expand to this emerging market. Indonesia, with a 265 million population where 86% are Muslims, is the fourth most populated and the largest Muslim population country in the globe. Therefore, Indonesia is an irresistible market to promote Muslim tours. Chinese-Indonesians, though account for 3-4% population, control over 80% market and economy. Furthermore, they yearn for Taiwan’s medical health care tours as well as hiking vacations. On the other hand, Indonesia, as a country with young population structure, has a great shopping potential. Taipei, with advantages of good security, cheap price, clean public environment, and an emerging tourist hotspot, strongly attracts Indonesia young tourists and tourists who are fond of family travel. Moreover, due to lack of mountains in Indonesia, hot spring and hiking activities are incentives for Indonesia tourists to visit Taiwan. Therefore, the Indonesia tourism market acts as an important expanding target for Taiwan.
To express Taipei’s charm of friendliness and multicultural integration to Indonesians, Department of Information and Tourism organized packaged tourism information, including fashion shopping, old town creative industry, natural beauties, and Muslim delicacies. More travel itineraries for Indonesia Muslims, young generations, and high-end Chinese-Indonesian market will be proposed in the future.
“Due to the simplification of visa procedures for Southeast Asia tourists, Southeast Asia arouses a Taiwan tourism fever recently. Numbers of tourists from both Thailand and Vietnam have substantially increased.” said by Chien Yu-yen, director general of the Department of Information and Tourism. In fact, the number of Indonesia tourists visiting Taiwan has reached over 30,000 from January until August this year, while there were about 33,000 of them in total last year, according to the statistics of Department of Information and Tourism. In the future, Department of Information and Tourism plans to deliver more featured travel itineraries for different target groups in Indonesia. In compliance with the government’s New Southbound Policy and the visa free implementation for Indonesia, further increase of the number of Indonesia tourists to visit Taiwan is expected.
Department of Information and Tourism prepared brochures in Indonesian and introduced featured spots and events in Taiwan at the exhibition booth. Subsequently after inquiry, attendees were welcome to book travel itineraries on the spot. Activities such as completing assigned missions or answering lantern riddles for quantity-limited souvenirs were also organized in the exhibition. During the tourism advertising event at October 16th in Jakarta, local tourism industries were fascinated with the featured spots and useful resources introduced from FUN TAIPEI. The booth was heated up and packed with attendees.