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Do Not Feed the Birds – Tips on How to Protect the Birds in Daan Forest Park

Flier promoting public awareness on avoid feeding wild birds Are you aware of the environmental impact of bird-feeding in the park? To reinforce people’s awareness of the negative impact of feeding birds on the park’s environment and to let citizens understand the friendly, adorable birds, the Parks and Street Lights Office (PSLO) has commissioned the Wild Bird Society of Taipei to host a series of indoor and outdoor lectures on bird ecology at Daan Forest Park this fall in September and October. Citizens are welcome to sign up for the lectures in order to meet new birds and obtain tips on how to protect these lovely creatures of nature!

The park is a very important recreational and sports venue for the public, and it is also the home of wildlife. Covering an area of 26 hectares, Daan Forest Park features rich biodiversity, and the large ecological pond is the breeding ground for numerous bird species in the Ardeidae family. As autumn approaches, migratory birds are also arriving at the park, making it the perfect spot for birdwatchers in the city! However, in an effort to attract the birds’ attention or perhaps out of pity, some people are often seen feeding wild birds in the park; this behavior is not only harmful to the birds, but also to the entire ecological environment.

According to PSLO Director Chen Jung-hsing, nearly 100 species of birds have been documented at Daan Forest Park. The birds not only rest and forage here, but also build nests for breeding purposes, making the park their urban oasis, and the plethora of bird species have also enriched our lives. However, if they are fed by humans for the sake of getting close to them, the entire ecosystem may be jeopardized due to abnormal population growth, and the accelerated breeding of exotic species may endanger their native counterparts.

Furthermore, the feeding behavior causes the bird population to multiply unchecked, exceeding the maximum capacity of the land and thereby affecting the cleanliness and quality of the surrounding environment. Last but least, it will lead to a clash between humans and birds, thus it is important to educate the public and children that “if you love them, don’t feed them!”

Youth Park Management Division Director Wang Shu-ya commented that in order to let citizens appreciate the importance of bird conservation and not feeding the birds, the PSLO and Wild Bird Society of Taipei will be hosting a series of indoor and outdoor lectures on bird ecology. Besides introducing the common bird species at Daan Forest Park and the secret lives of birds, the lectures will also demonstrate the role of the ecological environment between birds and humans. On the other hand, various problems associated with feeding wild birds will also be explained.

Indoor bird lectures will be conducted at 14:00 on September 22 and 29, while an outdoor birdwatching course will take place at 15:00 on October 26 and 27. Please refer to the registration website for further details. Everyone is welcome to join the courses and share their thoughts!