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Bicycle Lockers at City Parking Lot

To serve the growing number of cyclists, the city’s Parking Management Office (PMO) installed fenced-off bicycle parking area at seven multi-story parking lots across the city. Residents will find these facilities to be a great place to park their bicycles, with the added security provided by security cameras and stationed staff around the clock.
The multi-story parking facilities offer shelter during bad weather conditions. Marked off by a barrier, cyclists will have to check in and check out with parking personnel when they park or pick up their bicycles. Uses of these fenced-off parking areas are currently free of charge.
The fenced-off bicycle parking areas are available at Zhongxin car park (Xinyi District), Xinyi District underground parking lot (Xinyi District), Qiaoan underground parking lot (Daan District), Minyou Market underground parking lot (Songshan District), Zhonglun High School underground parking lot, Emei parking lot (Wanhua District), and Zhouzi car park (Neihu District).
PMO also installed bicycle lockers at the bicycle parking area at the Zhouzi car park in Neihu District. These facilities are coin lockers big enough to hold an entire bicycle, discouraging theft of entire bicycles or bicycle parts.
During the trial period, the bicycle lockers can be used free of charge. However, a 10 NT coin is still required to activate the locking mechanism of the coin locker.