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Camping During the Moon Festival to Admire the Moon – Pay Attention to the Product Labeling

Store staff at big box retailer examining goods used for barbecue Camping has recently become a very popular leisure activity, serving as a conduit between families and friends. As the annual Moon Festival approaches, the Taipei City Office of Commerce (TCOOC) urges citizens to only use camping and barbeque products that have appropriate labeling; also, remember to bring along mosquito repellants with the proper product labeling to the outdoors in order to keep the mosquitos away and avoid purchasing dodgy products with inferior quality. In doing so, they can spend a joyous, safe Moon Festival together.

The TCOOC recently conducted a spot test of 207 camping tents, barbeque equipment, and mosquito repellants sold on the market. In particular, 25% of the tents failed the test because they do not label the manufacturer’s (importer) name, address, phone number, and the date of manufacture; this is followed by mosquito repellants, which demonstrate a fail rate of 13.98% because they do not contain information such as other important notices or date of manufacture; roughly 6.41% of the barbeque products failed the test because they do not label the manufacturer’s (importer) name, address, phone number, and the date of manufacture. The TCOOC has requested the supplier of all products that failed the test to remedy the problems within a specified timeframe. Otherwise, they will be removed from the shelves after the deadline.

Table of Moon Festival Products That Have Failed to Pass the Spot Test Carried Out by TCOOC
Item Passed Failed Subtotal Fail rate
Barbeque products 73 5 78 6.41%
Mosquito-repellants 80 13 93 13.98%
Tents 27 9 36 25%
Total 180 27 207 13.04%

How do you make sure the products you have purchased come with proper labeling? Please observe the following 3 steps:
Step 1: Choose products with labeling in Chinese
Step 2: Make sure the labeling contains information such as product name, name of producer or manufacturer, phone number, address, and country of origin. If the product is imported, the labeling should contain details such as: importer’s name, phone number and address, main ingredients, net weight, volume, quantity or measurements, date of manufacture (Gregorian or western calendar). If the product has an expiration date, wordings such as “expiry date” or “best before” must be visible.
Step 3: Labels should contain details such as use, instructions, storage method, and other notices for products with “hazardous or dangerous in nature”, “related to health and safety “, or “having special characteristics or requiring special handling”.

Let us maintain the quality of Moon Festival products so that we can celebrate the Moon Festival while camping. For more Commodity Labeling Act and labeling standards-related regulations, please browse the TCOOC’s website (https://reurl.cc/rldVVZ).