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Smart Parking Areas in Xinyi, Nangang District Officially Open on March 16

Smart Parking Ticket In making roadside parking more intelligent and providing real-time parking space-related information around the clock, as well as to improve the work environment and efficiency of parking attendants and minimize repeat payments, the Taipei City Parking Management and Development Office (PMDO) has designated 1,505 paid parking spaces in Xinyi District (east of Keelung Road, south of Civic Boulevard, west of Zhongpo North Road, and north of Zhongxiao East Road) and Nangang District (east of Xiangyang Road, south of Huandong Boulevard, west of Academia Road, and north of Zhongxiao East Road) as smart parking spaces on March 16. Drivers parking at Intelligent parking areas may enjoy the first 10 minutes of parking for free during the promotional period.

The PMDO explained that the smart parking areas are equipped with vehicle sensors to detect the time when a vehicle enters and exits a parking space, this information is combined with the vehicle’s basic information entered by the parking attendant to issue an intelligent parking ticket. When receiving the intelligent parking ticket, the driver may use a smartphone to scan the QR code on the ticket 10 minutes after leaving the parking space to check for parking formation and make payment immediately via Pay Taipei.

Furthermore, payments made with Pay Taipei before June 30, 2020, will be entitled to a 10% discount. Citizens preferring cash payment may enter their vehicle license plate number at the multimedia kiosk in any of the four major convenience chain stores to print out the payment information before making payments at the counter. Those who have applied for automatic bill payment with banks or telecom service providers do not need to reapply, and they can check for parking information by scanning the QR code.

In order to make intelligent parking areas more readily identifiable, the PMDO has placed Intelligent Parking Area stickers on the signposts in the intelligent parking areas for the public’s convenience. Before implementing the policy, notices will be attached to each vehicle explaining payment-related details. Alternatively, citizens may refer to the Roadside Intelligent Parking Area section on the PMDO’s official website or call Futek’s customer service hotline at (02)-2768-2898 or (02)-2653-0818. They can also contact the PMDO’s customer service number at (02)-2726-9600.

The agency added that intelligent sensors at the parking spaces resolve the problem of not being able to obtain real-time parking information outside business hours, while the 24-hour real-time parking information can be used for big data analysis that will allow the city government to monitor parking information in various areas more accurately. Moreover, being a roadside parking attendant is labor-intensive work, and the new intelligent sensors will be able to increase their efficiency and alleviate their stress of making the rounds, as well as minimize air pollution that may be generated during the process. In the future, the PMDO will continue collecting opinions from different channels and progressively implement the program to the entire city.