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Sea of Purple at Neishuangxi Nature Center

Neishuangxi Nature Center With the end of spring and start of summer, the Neishuangxi Nature Center is witnessing waves of bloom in its proximity. From May 9 through 31, the center welcomes visitors to come and witness the beauty of nature in early summer.

Agapanthus africanus, also known as the African lily, resembles lotuses when they bloom. The plant is also known for the great number of seeds it produces. The term Agapa means “love” in Greek, while Anthos means “flower,” making the plant a “Flower of Love.”

According to Chief Lin from the Geotechnical Engineering Office’s Forest Recreation Section, visitors at the center’s Medicinal Herb Garden will also notice another sea of purple formed by Spanish lavenders in addition to the blooming African lilies. These flowers have distinct bracts which look like pointy rabbit ears and are often prized for uses spanning insect repellent, bathing, decoration, and even medication.

With the exception of Wednesdays, the Neishuangxi Nature Center is open to the public between May 9 and 31. The hours of the center extend from 9 AM in the morning to 4 PM in the afternoon.

Neishuangxi Nature Center Travel Information
Address: No. 27, Lane 150, Section 3, Zhishan Road, Shilin District.
Driving: From Taipei, head towards Waishuangxi. Take Zhishan Road Section 3 until reaching Bixi Industrial Road. Travel on Bixi Industrial Road up the mountain until arriving at the facility’s parking lot.
Transfer from MRT Jiantan Station: Take Bus S1 to Neishuangxi Nature Park stop. Alternatively, take S18 and disembark at Bixi Bridge stop. The center is a 30-minute walk from the bus stop.