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Guandu Nature Park Celebrates 20th Anniversary

School orchestra playing at the Guandu Nature Park 20th anniversary fairThe Guandu Nature Park celebrated its 20th anniversary with a fair on November 29. In addition to performances by orchestras and bands, the organizers invited the mascots Bravo and the three wetland treasures – Stilt Plover, Teal, and Blu Magpie – to the stage. The winner of the 30th Golden Melody Award Yawai Mawlin joined hands with guitarist Bai Tone from The Chairman to compose a new song Warm Southern Island to commemorate the occasion.
Taking place alongside the 2020 Guandu Nature Arts Festival, the twenty-year celebration features exciting activities such as 10 interactive challenges, as well as numerous collaborative art pieces, DIY classes, 20-week-long exhibition, and guided tours on art displays. These allow participating visitors to learn more about the history and wetland ecology of the Guandu Plains through exploration.
During his speech at the press conference, Mayor Ko Wen-je remarked that Guandu Nature Park is an important habitat for wildlife in Taipei, as well as a national wetland resource. Thanks to two decades of effort by Taipei Wild Birds Society and countless volunteers and sponsors from the private sector, the city government has been able to transform the surrounding into an invaluable nature and environmental education facility. The well-protected terrain now provides a comfortable haven for many migratory birds in East Asia.
Over the next two years, the city government will continue to strengthen environmental protection and recovery efforts in the vicinity, such as improvement projects targeting Guadu wharf and its surroundings, as well as overhaul of the Guandu embarkment and agricultural improvement of surrounding paddy fields.
The series of activities commemorating the 20th anniversary of the park will end on December 30. The city government invites the public to come and enjoy the fruits of ecological conservation and development. It also calls upon citizens to join the rank of protectors watching over this urban emerald. For more information, please visit the Chinese website of the Animal Protection Office (www.tcapo.gov.taipei) and Guandu Nature Park (www.gd-park.org.tw), or call 02-2858-7417.