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Flower Market Celebrates 27th Anniversary

Taipei Mayor attended a ceremony marking the 27th anniversary of Jianguo Holiday Flower Market on November 14. The mayor called on both shoppers and merchants to support the upcoming 2010 Taipei International Flora Expo.
The mayor appeared on the stage with the flower fairies, the mascots of the flora expo. He stressed that the 2010 expo is the highest-ranking floral exhibition to take place on this island. The expo is equivalent to the Olympic Games for horticultural growers and experts. He hopes that residents can play a role in the preparatory phase by supporting projects aimed at improving the city's landscape.
Hau pointed out that for the past 27 years, the flower market achieved many things. The feat is only possible with the cooperation between the individual merchants and the Taiwan Floriculture Development Association. Their efforts transformed the Jianguo Flower Market into a popular destination for residents to purchase flowers. There are also visitors who come to the market to enjoy the sight of different kinds of flowers under one roof.
The organizers invited Chinese painting master Chang Chieh to serve as the event’s spokesperson. The 80-year-old veteran painter is widely known for his works depicting flowers and plants. He presented the mayor with a painting anthology of his works. Hau gave the great painter a Taiwanese butterfly orchid in return.
To celebrate this important occasion, the vendors joined hands in offering special deals and discounts, including free NT$100 flower market shopping voucher giveaways. The mayor also presented the awards to the top winners of the Flower Market 27th Anniversary Floral Art Design Contest at the ceremony.