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Universiade MRT Train Brings Passengers Closer to Sports Venues

With roughly one month remaining before the start of the 2017 Summer Universiade, the city government announced that trains sporting the Universiade theme will begin operations on the Green Line (Songshan-Xindian) on July 10.
Each of the carriages of the Universiade trains has been decorated to mimic a venue of the respective sports categories. In addition, passengers will find a FAQ box attached to the handles which provides additional knowledge about the sports.
The contents printed on these information “boxes” on the handles include rules, interesting facts, and funny anecdotes related to the respective sports categories. The organizers hope to stimulate passengers’ interest in the games through this approach.
The Department of Information and Tourism (TPEDOIT) noted that the Universiade will take place starting August 19. To promote the young and lively image of sport competitions, the agency is joining hands with EasyCard Corporation to recreate scenes from the sports venues on the train to provide passengers a glimpse of what the game promises.
The interior of the train has been decorated according to the following themes: running tracks, soccer, baseball, basketball, swimming, and track and fields. Passengers can select their favorite angles to take selfies of themselves or with their friends. The city government believes that awareness of the Universiade can be further boosted through people sharing these pictures via social groups and the Internet.