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Playground Design Conference: Registration Now Open to the Public

Activity poster for the Playground Design ConferenceIn the interest of incorporating public opinions and suggestions into the design of future playground, the city government will hold the 2020 Taipei City Children’s Playground Design Conference on Thursday, October 22.
The conference will review related projects undertaken by the government in recent years, offering participants a chance to examine the challenges encountered during the implementation and design processes.
Those interested in this topic – whether individuals, government employees, companies, schools, or NGO members – are invited to the event for an opportunity to offer feedbacks and suggestions related to playground design. They will join local experts, representatives from the industry, as well as playground users and other participants in exchanges of opinions and a chance to learn.
Four topics will be covered at the conference: The Past, Present and Future of Taipei’s Playgrounds; The Future of Playgrounds: A Flexible Industry; Kids in the City, How Do You Want to Play, and Gradual Progress to a Children-friendly City.
The conference will take place at the B2 multimedia classroom of the Taipei Fine Arts Museum between 10 AM and 3:30 PM on Thursday, October 22. Registration is available via the following link: https://reurl.cc/bR2Xgl