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The return of Teresa Teng. November issue of Taipei Pictorial takes you to relive superstar demeanor

Although has passed away for over two decades, Teresa Teng’s sweet impression and beautiful voice are still in fans’ mind. The November issue of Taipei Pictorial published by Department of Information and Tourism introduces the Teresa Teng Memorial Exhibition hosted by Discover Center of Taipei. In this exhibition, the scene of Teresa Teng’s performance of “Tian mi mi(甜蜜蜜)” is displayed by the floating projection technology, takes readers to relive superstar demeanor.
The cover story of this issue introduces the “East District Gateway Project” which brought Nangang to regenerate. In the past, Nangang district is full of factories and railways, so it was also called “black town”. However, thanks to the “Railway Underground Project”, industrial zone’s transition and various major public constructions, Nangang has been rapidly transforming. Taipei Pictorial introduces how Taipei City government planned the Nangang’s transformation, from public transportation, industrial development and cultural development. The Division Chief of the Department of Information and Tourism, Pei-chun Hsieh(謝佩君) presents, through transportations, constructions and development, Nangang is rapidly rising and becoming the gateway of East District. City government also planned a complete development plan. In this issue of Taipei Pictorial, we are discussing the several issues such as environment-friendly transportation, public housing, village of startup industrials, pop music from North region and amelioration of public environment and predicting Nangang’s future.
Who are the unsung heroes contributed to the MRT system we take every day? In current issue of Taipei Pictorial, let’s follow the Taipei MRT issue to check it out. If you want to go to the past, follow Rou-jin Chen(陳柔縉) to take the “Taipei Time Machine” going back to 1927 to see the first ever art exhibition in Taipei. Famous author Yufu(魚夫) also brings a brand new chapter “Taipei Architecture”, uses both texts and pictures to introduce the tallest architecture of Taipingding (太平町) in the Japanese era. If you use your smart phone to scan the QR code, you would also be able to listen to the audio tour narrated by Yufu himself. The attached handbook “Fun Taipei”, which is carefully planned each month, brings readers to Bangka. Following this handbook, you would be able to discover the old temples, old streets, old markets and the traditional food which is unforgettable for Taipei residents. In this issue, you can find the most delicious food and most interesting place of Bangka.
By November 6, November issue of Taipei Pictorial is expected to be available for free in following places: every Taipei MRT stations, the citizen service center at first floor of Taipei City Hall building, 12 District Offices of Taipei, Taipei City Revenue Service headquarter and all its branches, Taipei public library including its branches, every tourist information center around the country, visitor center of each National scenic areas and all branches of Taipei City Hospital. The digital version will be available on November 9 on the official site of Department of Information and Tourism (www.tpedoit.gov.taipei)(Chinese), “Travel.Taipei” website (www.travel.taipei)(Chinese). Also it will be also to be downloaded using the APP QR code on the contents page. For further information please contact 1999 Taipei Citizen Hotline (for callers outside Taipei, please dial 02-27208889) Ext. 7564 or 7570.