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Cable Lines Dismantled from Gondola’s T16 Support Pillar

Construction workers removed the steel cables from the T16 support pillar at the Maokong Gondola on November 11. The city government plans to reinstall the cable lines after the relocation of the tower.
The foundation of the T16 support pillar experienced erosion following heavy rains from Typhoon Jangmi last year. This led to the city government’s decision of suspending gondola operations pending reinforcement and repair works.
As part of safety precautions, the authority decided to relocate the tower to T16-1. The new location is approximately 30 meters from the original T16 tower. The City selected the new location based on recommendations by French contractor POMA.
Works on the foundation of the new T16-1 began in June of 2009. Work on the tower structure and cable line installation will be completed in the first part of December.
To ensure the structural integrity and operational safety of the Maokong Gondola, the city government has commissioned the Chinese Union of Professional Civil Engineer Associations to conduct a thorough evaluation. The survey reviewing all support pillars and stations will be completed by the end of December.
The Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation plans to conduct a one-month-long operation test of the gondola following the inspections.