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Riverside Parks to Host Community Softball Tournament

The opening ceremony of the community softball tournament. The annual Taipei City Community Softball Tournament will take place at various riverside parks between May 17 and September 27!

The matches of the tournament are scheduled for Sundays throughout this period, with matches taking place at softball fields across 16 riverside parks (Meiti, Dajia, Rainbow, Beilin, Huajiang, Fuhe, Zhongzheng, etc.) between 8 AM and 5 PM. In addition to watching the matches, spectators can also participate in a number of interactive activities and games on the sidelines.

In light of the COVID-19 Pandemic, numerous sport events and matches have either been called off or postponed. The Department of Sports (SPD) continues to track the latest pandemic developments and evaluate necessary prevention measures over the past months. In compliance with disease prevention guidelines, the agency is happy to announce that the community softball tournament has received the green light and welcomes the public to enjoy outdoor sports once more.

The opening ceremony for the sports event kicked off at Meiti Riverside Park on May 17. A total of 189 teams and approximately 5,000 athletes will participate in the tournament this year. Throughout the ceremony, the attendees adhered to social distancing protocol, and the tournament organizers prepared disinfectant spray for the audience to use.

During his speech, SPD Commissioner Li Tzai-li remarked that softball is one of the sports seeing tremendous community support in Taipei. Many companies and organizations have their own softball clubs and teams, since the sports emphasizes team effort. He also looks forward to an end to the pandemic in the near future, so the life of citizens can return to normalcy.