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Mayor Attends Lord Qingshan Festival Procession

Mayor Ko at the head of the religious procession in BangkaThe annual Lord Qingshan Festival is an important religious event for the community of Bangka. This year's “Night Watch Procession,” led by the patron deity, set off from the temple at 11:30 PM on December 5. Mayor Ko Wen-je attended the event as part of the leading procession.
During his speech, the mayor expressed his best wishes to the procession, hoping that the deity can protect the people from the pandemic and bring good fortune to all.
In honor of the “Red Altar” (temporary shrine) tradition of the Lord Qingshan Festival, the Department of Civil Affairs established the “Red Altar for Performances” to bring the Eight Generals tradition, cultural procession, and folk culture flea market to the spotlight and promote the diversified culture of Wanhua District.
To encourage the public to learn more about the culture of temples and religious procession of Taiwan, the city government also prepared 500 lucky bags with deformed-style Eight General face sketches which were given away during the procession.
The groups invited perform on the stage of the Red Altar for Performances include De-seng Lion Dance Association, Taiwan Nam-sieng Dragon and Lion Dance Activity Center, National Taiwan College of Performing Arts, and Xiu Jing Tang Ba Jiang Tuan.