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37 Cafes Vying for Golden Cup Award – 2019 TSCA Shortlist Revealed!

Participants compete at the Taipei Coffee Festival Taipei City was once selected by British and US media as one of the top 6 coffee cities in the world, with no shortage of professional baristas and cafes dispersed throughout every corner of the metropolis. In particular, coffee culture is embedded within the lifestyle of Taipei citizens!

In order to discover more high quality, iconic cafes in Taipei City, the Taipei Specialty Coffee Association (TSCA) and Taipei City Government co-hosted the 2019 Taipei Coffee Festival – 2nd TSCA Golden Cup Award. Premium cafes in Taipei City are promoted to the public and tourists via the golden cup, a symbol of exceptional quality. Furthermore, in promoting outstanding coffee from the diplomatic allies of Taiwan, this year’s event saw the addition of the Best Central American Coffee Award, allowing discerning coffee drinkers to appreciate the subtle differences between different coffee beans and their unique aroma.

Mayor Ko Wen-je commented that Taipei’s coffee industry is undergoing booming development; not only has it garnered international recognition, but baristas from the city are also demonstrating remarkable achievements in international competitions. With cafes springing up everywhere, the quality and flavor of coffee are also improving all the time, and diverse, freshly roasted coffee beans are available throughout the city. All this indicates that Taipei’s coffee industry is keeping abreast of the latest global developments. Through this competition, baristas are able to exchange experiences and learn from the advice of professional judges, thereby uplifting the coffee industry and creating business opportunities for coffee enterprises. On the other hand, the aim is to continue developing the local coffee culture in order to market the laudatory name of Taipei as a worldwide coffee city.

TSCA Director Kuo Wei-ping suggested that coffee has become an indispensable necessity in the lives of Taipei citizens, and the Golden Cup Award is considered as the most credible competition platform for the coffee industry. By hosting the annual Taipei Coffee Festival, cafes are able to exchange and share their experiences for the sake of advancing the overall coffee industry! This year’s competition is divided into the Hand Brewed Group and Espresso Group, placing emphasis on the barista’s technique and the aroma of the coffee beans. Latte art expert Chen Hao-yuan will be appointed as a judge to expand the international horizon of the competition, thereby promoting Taipei City’s outstanding cafes overseas.

This year’s TSCA Golden Cup Award in the Hand Brewed Group goes to CAF’E FUGU ROASTERS, Gentle Blue Café, Brett - Living with Coffee, Scent Café, and Shiny Café; award winners in the Espresso Group include 313 Café, 9 Days Coffee, Coffee Berry Cave, Honeycomb Café, and Knight Coffee; Special Award-Best Central American Coffee goes to 313 Café. In total, 10 outstanding, iconic cafes in Taipei City are extending their invitation to coffee enthusiasts to enjoy a cup of joy and take in the coffee aroma of this splendid city. Let Taipei coffee become an integral part of your life and savor the cultural glamor of Taipei, the coffee city. For more details, please refer to the TSCA’s Facebook fan page (https://www.facebook.com/scat.tw).

Additionally, the 2019 Taipei International Coffee Festival will be held at Zhoushan Rd. of NTU during September 28-29, all coffee lovers are welcome. For more information please refer to TCOOC - I’m a Businessman Facebook fan page (https://www.facebook.com/tcooc/).