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2022 MakeX Robotics Competition Taiwan Finals to Take Place at YDO

Individuals competing in the MakeX Robotics CompetitionNearly 500,000 participants from over 60 nations worldwide will be competing in the 2022 MakeX Robotics Competition. The finals for determining the team representing Taiwan will be held on the fifth floor of the Taipei City Youth Development and Family Education Center (YDO) between October 29 and 30.


The winners of the Taiwan finals will advance to the world tournament to compete with teams from around the world. 


This year’s competition consists of two categories based on the age of participants: “Starter” and “Challenge.” The mission for each participating team will vary. Adopting a pro-league format, teams who clear the qualification matches will advance to the finals. The winning team will represent Taiwan at the upcoming 2022 MakeX World Competition in Thailand.  


Furthermore, this year’s contest will feature the new Maker Robot Invitation. Through this event, the organizers hope to nurture a new generation of talents to compete in future MakeX competitions through mBot robotic exploration and relay challenges. 


This is the third year for the MakeX Robotics Competition to be held at YDO. Through fun and challenging competitions, young participants are able to integrate their knowledges across the fields of science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics to come up with solutions that can solve problems in the real-world environment.


For those who are interested in the topic, please visit the official website of MakeX Taiwan (Link).