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CONFUCIUS Premières at Taipei Confucius Temple

Mayor Hau Lung-bin attended the local première of the movie Confucius at the Taipei Confucius Temple in the evening of February 3. The organizers also invited Kung Tsui-chang – the head of the Kung family and 79th generation descendant of Confucius – to the event.
During his address, the mayor welcomed Chow Yun-fat, the leading actor who plays the role of Confucius in the movie, to Taipei City. He presented a scarf bearing quotes from Confucius’ Analects to Chow and quoted the great teacher’s famous quote: “To have friends from far away, do we not rejoice?”
The mayor remarked that the teachings of Confucius are considered very important works of Chinese culture. The lessons and experience shared by the great teacher cover many topics, from self-discipline to ruling a nation. His sayings – such as “To govern is to rule upright; by setting an example of righteousness, who dares to remain unjust?” and “To make friends with the straight, the trustworthy in word, and the well-informed is to benefit” – offer students today timeless and valuable lessons.
In addition to Chinese around the world, many people from other Asian nations and the West are exploring the teachings of the great philosopher. To promote Confucianism and learning, the Confucius Temple in Taipei will organize “Confucius School” sessions to allow more people to acquire in-depth understanding of the master and his works.
The première was held at the Lingxing Gate, with 19 students from nearby Dalong Elementary School performing a ritual dance before the movie.