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Anti-corruption Day Celebrations Kick-off at City Hall

An award ceremony recognizing city agencies contributing to government transparency took place at city hall on November 12. The ceremony is a part of a one-month-long campaign celebrating the 2009 International Anti-corruption Day.
Mayor Hau Lung-bin pointed out that the major asset he received from former mayor Ma Ying-jeou is an institution with a strong tradition of integrity and honesty.
He noted that since the appointment of Government Ethics Commissioner Yang Shi-jeng, the city government has worked closely with outside experts to initiate a number of projects aimed at increasing government transparency. By establishing the Anti-graft Center, the City succeeded at boosting the efficiency of city administrations and at strengthening public trust and confidence.
Minister of Justice Wang Ching-feng praised the City’s effort in promoting clean governance over the past three years. The city government’s actions have been included in the indices used by Transparency International to evaluate the transparency level of the Taiwanese government.
She is especially impressed with the city government’s initiative in hiring anti-graft volunteers, enlisting the help of residents in the fight against corruption.
The mayor also took the opportunity to recognize the winners of the 2009 Administrative Transparency Prize. This year’s winners include 9 government agencies and 20 individuals.
According to the Department of Government Ethics, the events commemorating Anti-corruption Day will take place between November 12 and December 5. There will be seminars, conferences, competitions, and exhibitions to promote clean government.