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Celebrating the Moon Festival - Taipei City Government Visits Draftees in Hsinchu

Deputy Mayor Tsai and city officials visiting draftees ahead of Moon Festival In celebrating the upcoming Moon Festival and to look after Taipei citizens serving as draftees, Taipei City Deputy Mayor Tsai Ping-kun and city government colleagues including Compulsory Military Service Commissioner Fu Yung-mao visited the Guanxi military camp in Hsinchu today (September 6) with a representative from Taipei City Military Service Station. They paid a visit to 646 draftees from the 97th army military training class, thanked the military officers for taking care of them over the years, and wished them a happy Moon Festival.

Besides handing out gratuities on behalf of the city government, Deputy Mayor Tsai also offered the draftees their favorite snacks and held a birthday party for them. While enjoying tea with them, he also chatted to them about how they are fitting in since entering the boot camp and reminded them to look after their health and cherish the brief moments in the military. He encouraged everyone to learn as much as possible and train their fitness during the 4 months of military service, so as to lead a regular life, pave way for their future in society and work hard in Taipei after discharge.

Commissioner Fu also stated that the city government holds a briefing for the draftees before they report to the military camp, and staff will be appointed to safely escort them to their military service locations. In addition, a group consisting of city government representatives will visit the military camp to boost the draftees’ morale. The city government always looks after citizens as if they are family; therefore the gesture has received wide recognition and support from the draftees and their parents. Starting from 2018, the Department of Compulsory Military Service (DOCMS) has collaborated with the Department of Labor in support of Mayor Ko’s youth policy to launch the Supporting Your Career After Military Service campaign, providing free career counselling and post-military service education and training services in order to uplift the youths’ employability skills and competitiveness; everyone is welcome to make use of the services. For more information, please refer to the DOCMS’s official website (https://docms.gov.taipei) or contact 02-23684081.

Lastly, Deputy Mayor Tsai took the opportunity to wish the armed forces a Happy Moon Festival, bringing the visit to a successful conclusion amid a lively atmosphere.