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TCG Theme Pavilion at the 2020 Information Technology Month: Smart Taipei, Fun Life!

The“Smart Taipei One City” TCG Theme PavilionThe “2020 Information Technology Month” is right around the corner! Taipei City Government has organized the 5-day-long “Taipei City Government Theme Pavilion” at the show from December 2 to 6 at Hall 1 of Taipei World Trade Center. Highlighting the theme of “Smart Taipei, One City”, the pavilion allows people to experience the convenient services provided by the city government.
Commissioner Lu Hsin-Ke of the Department of Information Technology (DOIT) pointed out that it is an important turning point for Taipei City to be transformed into a smart city “of the people, for the people and by the people.” The “TaipeiPASS” which went live this year is an important milestone for the city government on its quest for digital governance. The service integrates the functions of virtual and physical ID cards of Taipei City. As a one portal solution, it connects with all services provided by the Taipei City Government such as the “Smart pay platform “pay.taipei,” “Name-based venue system – myCode,” “Residents’ Services Platform,” “Public Childcare Draw Lot System,” “Road Use Application Network,” “Water and Soil Conservation and Traceability,” and more. These items are the highlights in this year’s IT showcase.

In an effort to develop Taipei into a smart city, the forces from industry are introduced into the policymaking process. Through the collaboration between the private sector and the public sector, the process of transforming Taipei into a smart city has been accelerated – which is also the key to becoming an international model.  At the exhibition hall, we will present the various smart city POC promotion project experiences, including the demonstration of achievements in “Autonomous Shuttle Experiment in Taipei City,” “iTrash – Garbage and Recycling Integration Station,” “4U – Green Transportation Sharing project,” and more. In addition, given the widespread concern over the COVID-19 epidemic, the city government has also planned a showcase titled “Technological Epidemic Prevention Zone” at the show. Contents include the POC of the “AI-IR Quick On-campus Temperature Taking System project,” the epidemic prevention process of “Name-based venue system – myCode,” and cases to provide visitors with profound experience in such situations. The “Novel Coronavirus information dashboard” and the “COVID-19 Conditions Zone” will also be displayed, showing how we protect the residents’ health with information technology.
Information Technology Month will implement entry control based on real name-based mechanism. People can use their TaipeiPASS, myCode or ID card to access the venue. Those interested can apply for their own myCode via the application website (https://mycode.gov.taipei/). Visitors can also download the “TaipeiPASS” App beforehand and claim a neat gift at the TCG Theme Pavilion (booth D222).  In addition, there will be various point collection challenges and interactive activities at the booth. Simply partake in the hands-on activities featuring any 3 city services to bring home souvenirs at IT Month.  We invite you to come and experience the convenience of Smart Taipei City!