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“Ready to Go! Bravo!” Special Exhibition “Bravo’s Home” Takes the Family Visitors by Storm Discovery Center of Taipei Tells the Story of Hardship of National Representatives

The home of “Bravo”, our ambassador for the 2017 Taipei Universiade, will be unveiled to the public for the first time! The Department of Information and Tourism (DOIT, 台北市政府觀光傳播局) will hold the “Ready to Go! Bravo!” special exhibition from today on in the Special Exhibition Hall (特展廳) on the second floor of Taipei City Hall. The exhibition features “The Home of Bravo” that allows citizens to interact with Bravo in a short distance and acquaints the public with different sports events through virtual settings created by interactive media and augmented reality. The medals won by elite athletes and valuable training equipment used in the past will also be showcased together with the training process and story unknown to the outsiders, hoping to prepare the citizens to become as ready as Bravo to welcome the upcoming Universiade and cheer for our contestants.
To share the different aspects of the life of “Bravo”, aside from the installation art of Bravo riding YouBike, there are also Bravo’s office desk, photos of it promoting Universiade and lots of sports equipment. The section takes a step forward and let citizens exercise with Bravo through interactive technology. You can even take photo with the real Bravo!
Since its opening nearly 15 years ago, the Discovery Center of Taipei (台北探索館) located in Taipei City Hall has been mostly visited by families and the first stop for both domestic and foreign travelers on their journey of discovering Taipei. Pin-ze Chu(朱品澤), chief of The City Tourism Division(城市旅遊科科長), DOIT stated that this special exhibition aims at introducing Universiade to family visitors and other travelers via the detail of Bravo’s life and the interactive multimedia devices will add richness and fun to it. For example, one can become an anchor or floor director at the section simulating a live broadcast of a Hurdle race. By letting visitors decide the shooting angle of the cameras will allow them to learn how floor directors present a match to the audience. Moreover, visitors will be able to see Bravo jumping out of the screen cheerleading and weight-lifting by holding a sensor tablet in front of it with the application of the augmented reality.
There is also a special-planned section showcasing the important medals and training equipment of elite national representatives, documenting every glorious moment, support provided by their family members and the years of arduous training unknown to the public. The ten important medals include the first silver medal of Olympic weightlifting (won by Hsu Shu-ching [許淑淨] at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London and was later upgraded to a gold one by the International Olympic Committee after the original winner failed the drug retest) and the first gold medal of Universiade (won by track and field athlete Wang Huei-Chen [王惠珍] at the 1991 Summer Universiade in Sheffield, England). As for the sports equipment in display are the recurve bow (反曲弓) used by Tan Ya-ting(譚雅婷) as a member of the women’s archery team at the 2015 Summer Universiade in Gwangju, South Korea; the doll and the name-embroidered black belt donated by Su Li-Wen (蘇麗文), the relentless fighter that moved the whole world at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, were the markings of her gold-winning match at the 2007 Universiade in Thailand; the first women’s badminton world champion, Tai Tzu-Ying, showcases the racket stringed by her dad and sports shoes worn soft for her by her mom. These equipment and goods used during training and competing vividly tell different stories. The trace of them being worn down remind us that behind these glorious moments are the results of endless training day after day and the spirit of never giving up!
The “Ready to Go! Bravo!” special exhibition invites everyone to greet the 2017 Summer Universiade in Taipei. The first 30 visitors will be rewarded with the exclusive Universiade tinplate badge. Take a photo with the exhibits to win a cute Bravo stuffed toy in the lucky draw! The souvenirs are of limited amount every day. For more information please refer to the official website of Discovery Center of Taipei (http://discovery.gov.taipei/) or Taipei City Government Citizen Hotline 1999(02-27208889 outside Taipei City)ext. 8630.
Title:“Ready to Go! Bravo!” Special Exhibition
Extension: 09:00~17:00 free entry(Closed on Mondays and National Holidays)
Location:Discovery Center of Taipei(2nd floor)
*No Food or Drinks or Other Prohibited Items