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TCPD Text Message Shares 5 Principles of Taking Photos and Recording Video

The five principles to follow after a car accident As of August 26, 2019, Taipei City Police Department (TCPD) will send text messages to individuals who call in to report car accidents to remind him that if there are no casualties and only property damage is sustained, they should take a panoramic photo and photo of impact areas with a smartphone before moving the vehicle to the roadside. This is to avoid affecting traffic and causing rear-end collisions. According to statistics by the Xinyi Police Precinct, 25 text messages were sent to individuals involved in accidents on August 26, and most of them were able to take photos quickly by following the instructions and submit the photos to police for subsequent processing.

Statistics from Taipei City Xinyi Police Precinct reveal that police officers deal with approximately 5,000 car accidents with only vehicular damage every year. If the accident takes place at a thoroughfare with heavy traffic or during peak traffic hours, and the vehicles involved in the accident cannot be cleared immediately, there is a risk of rear-end collision or causing traffic congestion, in turn delaying the police’s arrival time.

Xinyi Police Precinct urges the public that in the event of an accident, besides calling 110 and reporting the accident, if the vehicles can be moved, and there are no personal injuries, please remember to place an emergency warning triangle at a suitable distance behind the accident scene, take the necessary pictures, and move the vehicles as soon as possible before the police arrives at the scene.

After receiving the car accident call, TCPD will immediately send a text message with illustrations and a website link to remind the individual involved of the 5 principles of capturing photographs and videos if the accident only involves property damage and that there are no casualties. These include “placing the emergency warning triangle”, “taking a panoramic photo with traffic markings”, “taking a photo of the point of impact and car damage”, “moving the car to a safe location as quickly as possible”, and “observing safety while capturing images and moving the cars”. According to statistics by the Xinyi Police Precinct, 25 text messages were sent to individuals involved in accidents on August 26, and it will continue to promote the campaign.

The Xinyi Police Precinct suggested that in light of advances in modern technology as well as the smartphone’s ability to capture photos and videos, the National Police Agency has decided that markings will no longer be restricted to drawing lines. From now on, photos and videos captured with the smartphone documenting the vehicles’ positions and accident scene conditions can serve as evidence and achieve the function and objective of marking. Using the car accident reporting system, TCPD is able to respond to the individuals involved in an accident and instruct them how to capture photos and videos correctly as evidence in order to avoid the risk of causing a secondary accident, and to quickly alleviate traffic congestion.