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Mayor Visits 4 Nations in Europe

Mayor Ko meets the press at the airport Taipei City Mayor Ko Wen-Je led a city government delegation to visit 4 countries starting January 12, including the Czech Republic, Latvia, Estonia, and Finland. Prior to his departure, he received a media interview.

When asked about the purpose of this trip, Ko said that he will be visiting 4 countries, and the first stop is Prague in the Czech Republic. Taipei and Prague are sister cities, hence both cities will sign a zoo agreement and tourism agreement. Furthermore, Taipei Symphony Orchestra has already arrived in the Czech Republic, and both parties will engage in exchange activities.

According to Ko, as the capital of the Czech Republic, Prague not only boasts a high degree of industrialization but is also an important gateway for Taiwan to tap into Eastern Europe, therefore he aims to forge bilateral industrial collaborations during this trip.

Ko commented that he will also be visiting the capital of Latvia, Riga; since Riga and Taipei became sister cities, he has yet to visit the city.

He also plans to meet with members of the Taiwan Friendship Group in the parliaments of the 4 countries, particularly Estonia. As the most digital country in the world, Estonia serves as a good example for Taipei City’s endeavors in digitization such as the repeated updates in EasyCard over the years. Digitization will be an important part of the Taipei City Government’s efforts within the next couple of years.

The mayor said that the final stop of the trip will be Helsinki, Finland, which is also Taipei’s sister city. Ko will visit Nokia in Finland to see the company’s innovative approaches to embrace the 5G era.

Ko noted that the Scandinavian nations have a sound social welfare framework in place, and long-term care will be an important focus of this trip.