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Chio Tian Troupe Performance Wraps up 2020 Hakka Cultural Tour

Drum performance by the members of Chio Tian Troupe   Organized by the Hakka Affairs Commission (HAC), the 2020 Taipei City Hakka Cultural Performance Tour invited various performance group to stage shows across all 12 of Taipei’s administrative districts starting in August. After several months of staged events spanning glove puppetry to Taiwanese operas, the final session took place at Jingqin No. 2 Park in Xinyi District on Saturday, November 14.
This year’s finale spotlights a spectacular drum performance by Chio Tian Drums and Arts Troupe. Furthermore, a lucky winner bringing home the 50-inch Philips TV grand prize was determined by a raffle on stage, to the excitement of the audience.
In addition to the aforementioned group, the final show kicked off with a spectacle by the fire dancers of TMUCYFD. Next came a gig of Hakka classics performed by the members of Sanxing Hakka folk song class and a demonstration by the students from Sanxing Elementary School’s Chinese yo-yo class. Afterwards, LA Bee, the gold medal winner of the TIVF World Contemporary A Cappella Competition, entertained the audience with Hakka melodies such as Contentment and Yi Chai.  
During his speech following the announcement of the grand prize winner, HAC Chairperson Xu Shi-xun mentioned that the 2020 Hakka Culture Performance Tour attracted over 5,000 spectators across 13 event sessions. The different types of shows and activities seek to provide the public with a better understanding of Hakka culture and arts.
For more information on Hakka culture or Hakka-themed activities, please visit the Facebook Chinese fan page of Taipei Hakka.