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TPEDOIT Launches Spectacular Taipei Japanese Edition

The Department of Information and Tourism (TPEDOIT) will be releasing a brand-new Japanese language edition for the popular Spectacular Taipei bimonthly brochure.
The publication, which offers information on the happenings in Taipei City, is currently available in Chinese and English. Taking into account the number of Japanese tourists and business travelers visiting the city every year, the City announced the release of a Japanese edition starting with issue 11.
The newest issue of Spectacular Taipei introduces readers to exciting events including the upcoming Hot Spring Festival; the great pyrotechnic show at the Dadaocheng Fireworks Festival; the Hakka Yimin Cultural Festival; the Beef Noodle galore in November and much more!
According to TPEDOIT, this year’s Hot Springs Festival features many nighttime activities, such as the “Evening of Hot Spring Nakashi Music” and the “Weekend Night Art Season.” The agency also invites readers to experience the three-day Yimin Cultural Festival starting October 17. From Hakka cuisine to traditional Hakka plays, visitors will have a chance to enjoy the finest of Hakka culture.
To find out more about these interesting activities, pick up your copy of Spectacular Taipei. The free brochure is available at tourist information centers across the island and at the passenger service center at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport. For more information, please call 1999, ext. 7570 or ext. 7564.