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Taipei City Travels to Korea to Participate in World Smart City Expo

Taipei Smart City Exhibition Heading to Korea to expand business opportunities! Taipei City Government’s collaboration with private industries to promote the smart city through public-private partnership has demonstrated outstanding results and garnered international recognition.

The city government was invited to attend the World Smart City Expo in Korea from September 4 to 6 this year (2019) to share its experience in smart city development and the project’s achievements. For the exhibition in Korea, the Taipei Smart City Project Management Office (TPMO) led a group of partners to construct the Taipei Smart City Theme Pavilion, which not only enables Taipei City’s outstanding smart city solutions to be noticed internationally, but also helps industry players correspond with relevant industries in the Asia region, thereby expanding international relations and overseas opportunities.

Korea’s World Smart City Expo is one of the most prominent smart city gatherings in Asia, attracting the participation of many government representatives and renowned manufacturers from around the globe. Besides introducing the Smart Taipei public-private partnership platform, this year’s Taipei Smart City Theme Pavilion have also invited partnering manufacturers to participate in the exhibition. These include Full Enterprise Corp., which has realized smart care through the integrated IoT platform; Hao-Yang Environment Technology Ltd., which owns 16 technology patents in the US and EU for building the iTrash Smart City Garbage & Recycling Integration System; and Seagull Museum Technology, a purveyor of digital integration services, impressed the visitors with its solutions. Taiwanese manufacturers also interacted with government agencies, research organizations, and smart city project offices from across the world (including Morocco, South Africa, Oman, Australia, USA and Korean cities such as Seoul and Busan). As far as industry is concerned, Taiwanese manufacturers also made contact with major manufacturers from Germany, UK, Israel, and Korea (such as LG and SK Telecom).

Furthermore, TPMO Director Li Chen-yu presented a speech entitled How Does Taipei Become a Smart City at the forum, sharing Taipei smart city’s developments and accomplishments. In addition, he also attended a symposium with the head of the spatial policy division of the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations Robert Dijksterhuis, Liverpool Deputy Mayor Gary Millar, and the Director of the Innovation Team of the City of Los Angeles Amanda Daflos, where the experience of Taipei Smart City became the focus of discussion and garnered positive feedback.

As the host city of GO SMART (Global Organization of Smart Cities), Taipei City Government also took the opportunity to promote GO SMART in an effort to solicit more cities and industries to join the organization. The delegation also paid a visit to World Smart Sustainable Cities Organization (WeGO) in Korea to discuss potential cooperation between 2 international smart cities. WeGO Secretary-General Kyong-yul Lee also agreed to attend the 2020 GO SMART Award as a judge, and he is expected to come to Taiwan in March next year (2020) to attend the GO SMART convention and sign an MOU with GO SMART on behalf of WeGO.