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Muzha Outstanding Youth Tea Farmer Represents Taipei in National Tea Competition

Outstanding young tea farmer Chang Chia-kai from Muzha Outstanding young tea farmer Chang Chia-kai from Muzha is the 4th generation proprietor of his family, which has a proud tea-making history of nearly 100 years. On September 17 and 18, he will be participating in the 2019 National Partially Fermented Tea Technical Competition organized by the Tea Research and Extension Station, Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan, to compete for the top honor against other high-quality teas from around the country.

The family of outstanding Youth tea farmer Chang Chia-kai from Muzha boasts a century of tea-making heritage. At a young age, he showed a complete lack of interest in the craft of tea-making, and had become a burden on the family due to his rebellious personality. However, as he grew older, he gradually realized the importance of filial piety, so he became his father Chang Che-chia’s apprentice after graduating from senior high school, who groomed him to take on the heavy responsibilities of the family as the 4th generation proprietor.

According to Chang Chia-kai, in order not to let his father down and to elevate his tea-making skills by broadening his horizons, at the age of 24, he will represent Taipei City in the 2019 National Partially Fermented Tea Technical Competition with the tea-making knowhow that his father has imparted him, hoping to achieve exceptional results in the competition.

The Department of Economic Development (DOED) commented that the reason why Chang Chia-kai – a 4th generation proprietor in his family - is one of the most outstanding young tea farmers in Taipei City is that he has mastered his family’s secret to making Tie Guan Yin (Iron Goddess) tea. The technique involves 11 processes, nearly 100 repetitions of kneading tea wrapped in a piece of cloth, slow roasting over a low flame before fermenting the tea for the second time to bring out the mild fruity bouquet of Tie Guan Yin tea.

The DOED has long been devoted to promoting tea culture, and therefore it is hoped that this event will encourage young tea farmers to enhance their skills by engaging in constructive competition. This way, they can review and refine their tea-making techniques and improve tea quality, ultimately boosting the market competitiveness of Taipei tea.

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