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Mayor: Success of Songshan Cultural Park Rests with Domain Revitalization, Integration

Mayor visiting the Not Just Library inside Songshan Cultural and Creative ParkOn December 13, Mayor Ko Wen-je arrived at the Songshan Cultural and Creative Park to inspect the revitalization efforts of the facility under city hall’s Wall-less Museum 5+3 Project. He instructed the agencies involved to implement domain revitalization measures and work on integration efforts to connect with surrounding facilities including the upcoming Taipei Dome complex and Railway Museum.
Before the tour, the mayor attended a briefing session on the utilization of the park’s individual spaces by park director Chen Yu-hsiu. Tenants currently include Taiwan Design Research Institute, Liuli Gongfang, American Innovation Center, and IF Art and Craft, as well as 23 creativity and handcraft stores on the first floor and 21 brand businesses on the second floor. A total of 12 areas within the park currently serve as exhibition spaces.
According to Chen, in light of the opening of Taipei Dome Complex expected in 2022, the Songshan Cultural Park has planned accordingly and will expand B2C commercial space. It expects to implement experimental nighttime hours in 2021 and 2022, hoping to achieve the objective of assuming responsibility for its own financial gains and loss by 2023.
The mayor first arrived at the “Not Just Library”, which was named after the former female bathing room of the tobacco plant. According to staff members, the purpose of the name is to allow visitors to “soak” in a “book bath” and enjoy the time inside the facility. The mayor, who loves reading, praised the design to be full of creativity.
On the second floor of the park, the mayor met the founder of Huang Yi Studio +. A dancer, engineer, and more, Huang shared with the mayor his upcoming experimental project combining high tech robotics with art “Robot Café”. The mayor was astonished to see the robot demonstrate latte art on a cup of coffee.
Throughout the two-hour-long tour of Songshan Cultural Park, the mayor kept reminding city officials to concentrate on the revitalization effort of the park and be prepared to integrate the facility into the bigger environment comprising the future Taipei Dome Complex and Railway Museum.