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Department of Information and Tourism

News and Activities

NO.TitlePublish Date
1Beitou Small Town Rambling Activity Kicks Off on 10/16 2019-10-21
2Taipei City Upgrades 2020 MICE Subsidies – Campaign to Kick-Off November2019-10-18
3Youth Anime Exhibition Joins Schools with Industries2019-10-18
4Zoolloween Strange Zoo is Here – Zoo Outdoor Conservation Exhibition2019-10-17
5Looking After the Elderly with Dementia – Taipei City Launches Migrant Training Course2019-10-17
6Zhinan Temple Trail Slope Improvement Project – Restoring the Ancient Temple’s Former Splendor 2019-10-16
710X10 Fun Taipei – Splendid National Day Parade Float Carnival2019-10-16
8City Presents Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association Chief Representative with Honorary Citizenship2019-10-15
9Mayor Attends 2019 Taipei Cross-Border eCommerce Annual Convention 2019-10-15
10Natural Marimo Moss Balls Introduced to the Zoo2019-10-14
11Mayor Attends Songshan Ciyou Temple Mazu 1,031st Birthday Celebration2019-10-14
12Mayor Attends Nanmen Market Farewell Banquet2019-10-09
13God of Wetland - Red-crowned Cranes Happily Relocated to New Home2019-10-09
14Taipei City Road & Pipeline Information Center (RPIC) Holds Seminar2019-10-08
15The Taipei City Road and Pipeline Management Information and Maintenance Management Seminar2019-10-08
16Double Tenth National Day Long Weekend – Come to TCAP to Have Some Fun!2019-10-07
17Twenty-three Hospitals in Taipei City Monitor Indoor Air Quality in Real-Time 2019-10-07
18Reusable Shopping Bag Recycling Box Installed at 12 Traditional Markets2019-10-05
19Glorious 38th Anniversary – Nanmen Market Special Promotion 10/4-5 Special Sales Promotion 2019-10-05
20Liaoning Night Market Revamped, Invites Citizens to Experience Brand New Look2019-10-04