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Taipei’s Park Construction Projects Win Top Honors

Taipei’s Park Construction Projects Win Top Honors

Taipei City Government has brought home two more trophies in the field of engineering and landscaping! The honors were given by the Chinese Institute of Civil and Hydraulic Engineering for the “Engineering Environment and Beautification Award.”

The two projects receiving the award include the North Gate Landscaping Project and Zhoumei Xianzigang Park, claiming top honors in the categories of “Construction Beautification and Landscaping” and “Construction Ecology and Environment.”

Parks and Street Lights Office Director Huang Li-yuan noted that the North Gate Landscaping Project is an important part of both the West District Portal Project and the nation’s first impression upon visitors. To highlight its role as a “historical landmark,” the project focuses upon the restoration of surrounding areas of North Gate to the elevation during Qing Dynasty and emphasizing the relations between the “gate” and the “city wall.”

Zhoumei Xianzigang Park, the other winner, is a multi-purpose park offering citizens an alternative for spending their leisure time. The park preserves the river path gabion of the old Xuangxi River to serve as the pool in front of the pumping station, which also plays a role in anti-flood prevention during flood season. The terrain east of the river path is now an ecology zone which is an ideal place for terrestrial birds to nest and reside in.

The Chinese Institute of Civil and Hydraulic Engineering is a renowned organization which has been proactively engaged in activities and academic research in the engineering field. According to Chairman of the institute and professor of National Taiwan University Leu Liang-jenq, there are many outstanding engineering experts in Taiwan who work hard in creating excellent projects. Through the awards, the institute seeks to encourage contest participants and stimulate the development of Taiwan’s construction industry.

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