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Longshan Temple to Further Reduce Incense Burners

Longshan Temple to Further Reduce Incense Burners

Mayor Ko Wen-je attended a press conference at the Longshan Temple on June 19.

The temple authorities have called off the practice of burning of paper money and reduced the number of incense burners from seven to three. At the press conference, the announcement was made that only one incense burner will remain.

During his address, he expressed his gratitude to the temple for a balance among the preservation of traditional culture, conservation, and public health. He also looks forward to other temples joining the initiative.

Ko stressed that environmental issues are important policies for Taipei as a civilized city. This is especially true when the top cause of death is cancer, with lung cancer claiming the most victims. What is worth noting is that many victims are not smokers, showing that there are already too many PM 2.5 particles in the air.

As the mayor of the city, Ko expresses his hope that other temples in Taipei can adopt similar policies and contemplate whether paper money can be replaced by other offerings and the possibility of reducing incense burners down to only one. Doing so will definitely create a balance between preserving culture and creating a healthy environment.

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