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Introduction to the Department of Information and Tourism Service

Department Description

Integrated Promotion Division

Promote government policies and Taipei’s International City and tourism image

Subdivision- Project Marketing

Draw up the marketing plan to advance the Taipei image

Subdivision- Media Marketing

Utilize both the print and the electronic media to promote policy and tourism

Subdivision-Activity Marketing

Handle large-scale activities to elevate the city image

Tourism Development Division

Plan and develop tourism policies; promote businesses related with MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferencing, and Exhibitions)

Subdivision- Tourism Planning

Formulate tourism policies and plan tour products and activities

Subdivision- Conference Exhibition Promotion

Promote conference and exhibition; strive for the sponsorship of international conferences

Tourism Industry Division

Assist and manage the development of the tourism industry

Subdivision -- Industrial Counseling

Assist and manage the tourism industry and resolve consumer disputes

Subdivision -- Travel & Accommodation Management

Plan and manage scenic and hot-spring areas

City Tourism Service Division

Plan tour routes, arrange tours for city facilities , and manage the Taipei Visitor Information Centers and Discovery Center of Taipei

Subdivision- Travel Planning

Plan tour routes, arrange tours for city facilities , and manage the Taipei Visitor Information Centers

Subdivision- Operation Management

Establish and manage the Discovery Center of Taipei

Media Relations and Publications Division

Edit and publish periodicals and books, handle media relations

Subdivision- Publications

Edit and publish periodicals, books, brochures and maps

Subdivision- Media Relations

Handle press release and media relations

Mass Media Affairs Division

Assist and monitor the print media, video production companies , film and cable system industries

Subdivision- Print Media

Monitor and cite news report and advertisement which violates related laws or regulations

Subdivision- Broadcasting Affairs

Process applications and conduct monitoring of affairs pertaining to TV, film, and broadcast industries

Subdivision- Cable TV

Handle cable TV affairs and carry out the cable TV promotion plan

Multimedia Information Office

Produce and manage audio-visual materials; manage information affairs.

Administration Office

Handle research & detection, documentation, filing, official seal, cashier, purchase, legality, etc.

Subdivision- Documentation

Handle research & detection, document, official seal, filing and legality

Subdivision- Procurement

Handle purchase, cashier and property, etc.

Accounting Office

Handle annual revenue, accountancy and statistics, in accordance with the law.

Personnel Office

Handle and manage personnel affairs and management .

Government Ethics Office

Investigate charges of corruption

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