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City Works to Train Disabled People with Independent Living Skills

City Works to Train Disabled People with Independent Living Skills

To mark International Day of Persons with Disabilities, Mayor Ko Wen-je attended a press event for the documentary “Happy Together” produced by Public Television Service at the Resource Center for the Disabled on December 3

During his address, the mayor noted that the physically-challenged not only have to cope with mental and physical difficulties, but they are also confronted with discrimination and unfriendliness from various aspects of society.

Noting that the issue takes time to address, Ko promised government effort to create an accessible and disability-friendly environment. Measures include the implementation of neighborhood traffic improvement plan, aimed at reducing road traffic accident deaths while allowing wheelchair users to move around more safely in lanes. The project, having been met with opposition in the early phase a success, is gaining support with incentives provided by the government.

Sharing his opinions on the film, the mayor pointed out that “Happy Together” is about building a life circle empowering disabled people, allowing them to live independently. Taking three years to complete, the documentary was shot in Taiwan, the United States, the Netherlands, and Japan.

Ko announced that Department of Social Welfare will establish the island’s first “Independent Living Center for the Disabled” in 2018. The facility will provide a platform where people with disabilities can acquire skills needed to overcome barriers to living and participating in their community.

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