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News and Activities

Revamped Space at TRTC Building Now Available for Facility Rental

Revamped Space at TRTC Building Now Available for Facility Rental

Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation (TRTC) announced that the Jieyun International Hall, located on the basement floor of the company’s administration building, will be available for rental starting today!

According to the company, the venue is ideal for holding music and arts activities, and even small-scale drama performances, as well as press conferences, greet-the-fans events, award ceremonies, and seminars.

The major overhaul lasting 55 days transformed the Jieyun International Hall from a multi-purpose conference room into an auditorium for music and arts performances boasting 180 seats complete with professional stage lighting, automated stage curtains, projectors and screens.

The time slots for the venue are divided into morning session (8:30 AM to 12:30 PM, NT$5,000), afternoon session (1:30 PM to 5:30 PM, NT$5,000), and evening session (6 PM to 10 PM, NT$6,000). The venue can also be rented as practice grounds at half the price (for practice or rehearsal purposes only – no audience or performance of any kind).

The venue is located within a 5-minute walk from MRT Shuanglian Station and a 10-minute walk from MRT Zhongshan Station.

Related information is available at the website of TRTC or by calling the company (TEL: 02-2550-5600, ext. 3226).

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